• Attraction of Hands-free travel
  • Hands-free travel brighten you up

    Hands-free travel brighten you up

  • Will you still carry your luggage?

    Will you still carry your luggage?

  • Instead of searching coin lockers, how about using the one and only Crosta inside the station?

    Instead of searching coin lockers, how about using the one and only Crosta inside the station?

Attraction of Hands-free travel

The starting point of your trip: Shin-Osaka station.
Choices you make here will change the quality of your trip.

Lots of luggage...
By sending luggage from your hotel to the station you would be able to enjoy sightseeing even more...

Crosta Shin Osaka will help you in various situations.
Be it business or leisure, you are better off without cumbersome luggage.

Freed from your luggage you will make unforgettable memories.

You would be troubled

  • Inconvenient when moving around or going shopping

    Shopping centers and tourist spots in Osaka are very crowded. If you have lots of luggage you may not be able to smoothly use public transport or go to places you wanted to go.

  • Can't enjoy sightseeing in Osaka?

    Having luggage with you will hinder you when taking pictures or when eating street foods.

  • Risk of accident or injury!?

    With big luggage you're not as mobile and may cause trouble to other people around you.

People in sightseeing spots
will also be troubled

  • It is dangerous to pass by

    When sidewalks are monopolized by people with big luggage, even local people will be affected.

  • Public transport is crowded

    Bringing big luggage into public transport will result in less space and may even lead to delays.

  • Unexpected dangers on escalators

    While on the escalator the luggage suddenly dropped down from the top... It seems that such types of accidents occur very frequently.

It is operated to correspond
with these troubles

  • Convenient

    Deposit at Shin-Osaka station and we will bring it to your hotel or airport.
    Very convenient!

  • No worries

    Reliable 35 years without accident records.
    And a feeling of security because of being operated by the JR group.

  • Easy

    No worries about language trouble due to the introduction of a videophone interpretation system.
    "Hands free sightseeing" done in only a few minutes.

your hands-free travel !

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