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Porter for the Tourists : About Crosta

Cloakroom located inside station to make your trip more comfortable.
= cloakroom in the station
Visitors from all over the world gather in the station.
= cross in the station

Crosta is located at a station where visitors from all over the world gather,
and functions as a cloakroom to make your trip more comfortable.
「Temporary luggage storage service」「Carry service between station・airport~ accommodation」
to help with your travels.

Crosta Kyoto

Operating hours 8:00~20:00
TEL 075-352-5437
Location Next to the JR Kyoto station underground central ticket gate

Crosta Shin-osaka

Operating hours 9:00~20:00
TEL 06-6302-4538
Location JR Shin-osaka station front exit 1F

Crosta Osaka

Operating hours 8:00~20:00
TEL 06-6442-7271
Location JR Osaka station 1F North central gate (next to Nippon Travel Agency)


Operating hours 8:00~20:00
TEL 090-9884-5628
Location JR Kansai airport station (inside of the station)

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